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Biography of Master Chief Petty Officer of The Navy

Master Chief Petty Officer Kadir BÜKÜLMEZ
30.08.2013 -

Master Chief Kadir BÜKÜLMEZ was born and raised in İstanbul. He entered the Turkish Navy in 1987. He first attended the Navy Petty Officer School in İstanbul, then Navy Petty Officer Branch School in Karamürsel.

Master Chief BÜKÜLMEZ took Petty Officer Electronic Specialization Course in Derince Education and Training Center in 1992. His first sea duty was onboard TCG ANITTEPE, where he served as Operations Electronic Petty Officer for two years. Master Chief BÜKÜLMEZ had served onboard TCG ALBAY HAKKI BURAK and TCG MUAVENET from 1993 to 1998.

Master Chief Kadir BÜKÜLMEZ was among the first crew of TCG GAZİANTEP (The first "G" -Perry- Class Frigate in the Turkish Navy) during her transfer to Turkey in 1998 and also TCG GÖKOVA in 2002. He was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in 1998, to Senior Chief in 2002 and to Master Chief in 2007. 

Master Chief Kadir BÜKÜLMEZ's shore tours include;

Master Chief BÜKÜLMEZ holds a B.S. degree in Economics, an M.S. Human Resources. He is currently pursuing his doctoral education in Working Economy and Industrial Relations. Master Chief BÜKÜLMEZ has attended NATO Petty Officer Instructor Course and NATO Intermediate Leadership Course.

Master Chief BÜKÜLMEZ became the 3rd Master Chief Petty Officer of the Turkish Navy as of August, 16, 2013. His decorations include NATO Medal for the former Yugoslavia.

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